Allianz’s: Bitcoin is a buy below $5000


Allianz’s chief economic advisor, Mohamed El-Erian, has called bitcoin a buying opportunity — if the market leader falls below $5000. Not everyone agrees, however, and the non-believers have come out in force.

Bitcoin was trading at roughly $5,870 when El-Erian told

Plenty of non-believers have come out of the woodwork, however, to share their bearish views and negative sentiment — much of which would’ve been better served when cryptocurrencies were at their all-time highs, as opposed to fresh yearly lows.

Regardless of where the price is, any investor should be cautious before investing. By and large, cryptocurrencies are speculative and should be treated as such. It’s cool, it’s in the news, it’s fresh, but it does not change the rules of the game.

Meanwhile, Priya Malani, a founding partner of Stash Wealth, agrees with the idea that the first and foremost cryptocurrency is little more than a speculative gamble, stating:

If you want to gamble with your money you might as well go to Vegas, it’s much more fun.

las vegas bitcoin

Of course, neither expert notes anything about Bitcoin’s

Of course, not everyone is so negative in regards to Bitcoin $6318.32 +0.08%. Many in the financial space recognize Bitcoin’s revolutionary technology and understand that the market leader is far from dead.

Still, investing in any cryptocurrency is admittedly risky and volatile — and to deny that is to illustrate ignorance. Noted the founder and executive chairman of Edelman Financial Services, Ric Edelman:

I believe that certain crypto assets, bitcoin and ethereum, are poised for a strong future. [But investors] have to stay very long-term focused and recognize that it’s still the Wild West. You have to treat it as lottery tickets, be prepared to lose what you invest.

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