15 MILLION CARD Airdrop to CET holders & CARD traders


Deposit and withdrawal of Cardstack (CARD) are now available in CoinEx; CoinEx will support its trading and add CARD/BCH,CARD/BTC and CARD/ETH trading pairs at 2:00 July 7th, 2018 (UTC).

Official website: https://cardstack.com

cardstack cet

10 MILLION CARD: Airdrop to CET holders

At 2:00 July 9th, 2018 (UTC), CoinEx will take a snapshot of all user’s CET assets and give away 10 MILLION CARD among all qualified CET holders, against the ratio = Your CET asset / Total circulating CET asset in CoinEx.

The giveaway will only be available for ONE time. The more CET, the more FREE CARD.

Qualification: Users with MORE than 10,000 CET asset are qualified for the airdrop.

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5 Million CARD giveaway for trading

From 2:00 July 7th to 2:00 July 14th, 2018 (UTC), CoinEx users have a chance to share 5 MILLION CARD based on your CARD trading volume (calculated in USD value) in the period:

1. TOP 5: Get 100,000 FREE CARD per account; 500,000 CARD in total;

2. TOP 6~10: Get 50,000 FREE CARD per account; 250,000 CARD in total;

3. TOP 11~20: Get 25,000 FREE CARD per account; 250,000 CARD in total;

4. Aside from TOP 20, CoinEx will give away 4 MILLION CARD among all other CARD traders, in proportion to their CARD trading volumes;

5. Qualification: Users with MORE than 1000 USD worth of CARD trading volume are qualified for the promotion.

Your token to be given token token you are include the following steps:

  • If you have already at account at COINEX, do not have to register account, you have no such, click here to register account.
  • Buy minimum 10,000 CET [Khoảng 500 $]. You can load the credit through BTC, BCH, ETH, Tether [USDT] to buy CET at the “TRADE” or have the transaction with the transaction block value to 1,000 usd.

If you don’t join your token token free, you can buy 100 CET for 0,67% interest hằng ngày for 180 days of COINEX for the Operation Mining from the date 01/07/2018.

CET Coinex mining

Attention: Your CARD trading volume will include that in BCH, BTC, ETH and USDT markets and be calculated into USD value against the real-time rate when the promotion ends; CoinEx will allocate these FREE CARD to your accounts in 3 working days after the promotion.Cardstack world premiere: 15 MILLION CARD Airdrop to CET holders & CARD traders.

CoinEx are careful and responsible when it comes to selecting up-and-coming blockchain trading varieties and CoinEx will continue with our commitment to delivering professionalism and more cryptocurrency trading choices with good investment potential.

CoinEx welcome all users to apply to list for FREE. If you have any questions about CoinEx, please contact our Support HERE.

Or you can go to “Referral” to invite your friends to join for free CET.


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